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who we are

section – who we are

Male Allies are business leaders who leverage their collective influence and personal engagement to advance gender equality, within their organisations and more broadly across the Hong Kong business community.

We know if we listen, learn and act, we can drive change and make a difference.

We care deeply about gender equality. But every day we still see women not being given an equal seat at the table, in business and beyond. We are determined to change this. We strive to engage men and create a safe space for dialogue about gender equality, so they feel comfortable asking questions, sharing thoughts, and being authentic.

We aim to create a group of male champions who are fluent in the language of gender equality and who are continuously seeking to learn and talk openly about the real issues.

We believe that by opening our doors to everyone, we can benefit from the best talent. By driving concrete actions that create a more inclusive environment, we can become better at what we do.

why we need you

Let’s tackle this issue together and make Hong Kong a role model for Asia.

The moral case is clear to most, but achieving gender equality is equally a pressing business issue. Inclusive companies perform better. More than that, men who embrace the need for gender equality, see improvements in their own work and family lives as well as in the workplace.
Yes, this is the right thing to do, but it’s also how we can all be our best selves. The positive impact of engaging Male Allies as supporters and drivers of change, is indisputable.

what we are doing

As men, it’s our everyday decisions and our actions, big and small, that make a difference. What we do, doesn’t have to be part of the problem – it can be part of the solution.
We are committed to stepping up as leaders, holding ourselves accountable, disrupting the status quo, dismantling barriers to career advancement, and advocating for gender equality in and out of our workplaces. By listening to women and understanding the challenges they face, we can learn how to partner with them and act as role models for other men in a movement that will give us greater equality, sooner.
Each Male Ally agrees to a personal pledge and an action plan for our businesses to drive behavioural change through real commitments to research, training, policies, leadership and advancement.

frequently asked questions

1. Who are the Male Allies?
We are a group of business leaders who leverage our collective influence and personal engagement to advance gender equality, within our organisations and more broadly across the Hong Kong business community.
2. What do you do?
We recruit men who, as Male Allies, are committed to achieving gender equality in Hong Kong. We provide a toolkit and resources to help Male Allies become fluent in the language of gender equality, answer difficult questions and share personal, authentic stories and reasons for their involvement, with their peer networks. We aim to normalise the conversation around gender by creating a safe space for dialogue, including how gender norms affect both men and women, girls and boys.
We conduct research, share insights and best practices and evolve policies and training within our companies.
3. How can I join or support?
If you are interested in sponsoring the Male Allies initiative, please contact us using the form below. You can also email us at maleallies(at)twfhk.org.
4. Can anyone join?
All new Sponsoring Organisations are subject to review by the Sponsorship Working Group of the Male Allies Leadership Council (MALC). Once you become a Sponsoring Organisation, you can identify and nominate up to five Male Allies from across the organisation, including one Company Representative (CR). The nomination of the CR is in consultation with the MALC.
If you are committed to making a difference and impacting change within your organisation and beyond, you’ll be welcomed as a Male Ally via your sponsoring organisation. Contact us below  for more information about how you can support.
5. Is there an entry level requirement for businesses that want to support?
We recognise that all businesses are different and are at various stages of their gender inclusion journey. We aren’t here to judge or be exclusive. Instead, we want to ignite an inclusive movement of committed individuals and organisations who are open to taking real action to drive change.

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